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"At age 64, I tore my supraspinatus (rotator cuff) skiing. I am an active athlete, swimming, mountain biking and skiing and hadn’t been injured in 40 years. I had an insurance company-mandated x-ray before I had an MRI. The MRI showed an 8-mm tear in the supraspinatus and the orthopedic surgeon immediately wanted to do surgery. Dr. Lobe read the images and then Dr. Lobe conducted an ultra sound which revealed a torn supraspinatus and torn bicep tendon. Rather than having surgery I opted for PRP (platelet-rich plasma) treatments from Dr. Lobe. I underwent 5 PRP treatments monthly. As Dr. Lobe predicted, I felt improvement between the 3rd and 4th treatment. I followed Dr. Lobe’s physical therapy exercises and got back much of the strength in my damaged shoulder. 5 months after the injury, Dr. Lobe’s PRP treatments allowed me to start light swimming. 2 months after the 5th treatment I was swimming ½ mile. It’s now 1 year after my injury and my shoulder has 100% range of motion and full strength. Dr. Lobe’s PRP treatments combined with his prescribed exercises has allowed me to go back to skiing and my normal workout routines in less than a year. I highly recommend Dr. Lobe’s PRP treatments. Thank You, Dr. Lobe!!"
Jay Lazarus
Santa Fe, NM

Five Star Reviews from Facebook

"Top notch Dr. that treated me w/ prolotherapy. It worked 1st time for chronic + traumatic shoulder unjury that would of required going under the scalpel for surgery otherwise!"
Bjjedi San

"I swear by this man! He's fixed me up plenty of times when other doctors couldn't. Definitely recommend Dr. Mavrick."
Ruben Rivera

"Dr. Maverick has helped me overcome shoulder injuries that I thought I needed surgery for. I am 100% without any significant down time. Thank you."
Eric Martinez

"Dr Maverick fixed my elbow and no surgery! Extremely happy"
Mark Ihlefeld

"If I could give 6 stars I would. Dr. Maverick has helped me recover from many injuries. All without resorting to surgery. I recommend him to everyone."
Thomas Pless

"Excellent! !!!"
Sergio Carlos Rodriguez

"Dr. Lobe has helped me immensely and has inspired me to further my studies in holistic medicine. Our community is only so lucky to have such a doctor."
Mario Sandoval

"Thank you so much for your help managing the disc compression in my back. I truly feel like I have my life back and MANY happy years ahead. I was not feeling that way when I first came to see you...I'm grateful for your vast knowledge of modalities & experience!"
Nancy Brown

"Maverick is the man!"
Fred Martinez

FIVE STARS (out of Five)!
Natalie Roy

FIVE STARS (out of Five)!
Angelo Sanchez

FIVE STARS (out of Five)!
Justin Favour