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Stem Cell Facial

Dr. Lobe has been performing the PRP Stem Cell Facial which utilizes the patients own Platelet Rich Plasma to rejuvenate the skin, stimulate collagen and the growth of new, healthy tissue. Because this procedure is a non-surgical facelift, the result is very natural “enhancement”. This “latest” regeneration treatment has proven results and no side effects.

He exclusively uses the Eclipse Micropen to make the procedure swift and painless as possible. There is little or no downtown and Dr. Lobe’s patients can travel directly in and out of Santa Fe easily from from all over the country for appointments.


The process begins the same as all of Dr. Lobe’s PRP treatments by drawing the patient’s own blood and spinning it in a high speed centrifuge. This separates and isolates the Platelet Rich Plasma to be used in the procedure.

While the Platelet Rich Plasma is being prepared, a light numbing solution is put on the patients face to insure comfort.

When the Platelet Rich Plasma is ready and the patient is comfortable, Dr. Lobe uses the Eclipse Micropen, with 12 tiny needles, to pass over the skin in a sweeping motion known as micro-needling. This produces tiny micro-tears or channels into the skin for the Platelet Rich Plasma to flow when applied.

Then the patient’s own Platelet Rich Plasma is rubbed into the skin penetrating the skin surface and interacting with depleted collagen and cells. This is where the body’s own nature healing response is paired with the fresh stem cells to activate the rejuvenation process.

The skin’s own defense actively responds by generating elastin and collagen. Specific areas can be targeted as needed. The results and success of the new cell growth both underneath the skin and in the skin itself are fully evident in just 2 weeks.