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Prolotherapy & Injection Therapy

Prolotherapy: The non-surgical solution to chronic and acute pain and injuries
Prolotherapy is defined in Webster’s dictionary as, “ the rehabilitation of an incompetent structure such as a ligament or tendon by the induced proliferation of new cells.” It was developed over fifty years ago as a natural non-surgical method of assisting the body of healing injured tendons and ligaments. Prolotherapy helps your body make new collagen forming cells. These new cells strengthen and repair lax or torn ligaments and tendons.

Why does Prolotherapy work when other treatments fail?
Tendons and Ligaments are the fibrous structures that connect our muscles to bones and bones to bones. As we age, ligaments loose their strength and elasticity, becoming susceptible to injury. Because ligaments have a rich nerve supply, even minor injuries can cause severe pain and dysfunction. These injuries produce chronic pain in the hands, elbows, hips, shoulders, knees, and feet, as well as the neck, ribs, back and sacrum. The majority of these injuries mend through the body’s own internal mechanism of fibrous tissue proliferation. However, many fail to heal completely and become a source of chronic pain and dysfunction. Prolotherapy is the only treatment that can re-activate this natural proliferation and healing response, allowing the tissue to regenerate and heal completely.

What is the Prolotherapy Procedure? Prolotherapy begins with careful examination to determine the exact location of traumatized ligaments. Dr. Lobe uses a fine needle under ultrasound guidance to inject a natural proliferative solution into damaged tendons, ligaments, and joints. This natural solution indices an extraordinary healing reaction. Your Body’s own natural tissue growth factors are released and fibroblasts (the body’s repair cells) are summoned to the site of injection where they lay down new collagen, enlarging and strengthening the damaged connective tissues. Three to eight treatments at three to four week intervals are usually required.

How does Prolotherapy work with physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, and exercise?
Whenever ligament pain is involved, Prolotherapy will enhance the benefits of other therapies. That’s because most pain associated with an injury is generated by weakened or damaged ligaments, and Prolotherapy specifically stimulates the proliferation of new collagen in ligaments and tendons. This new collagen strengthens and repairs incompetent and lax ligaments, stabilizes joints and relieves pain while helping muscles to relax and vertebra to stay in alignment.