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Male Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone depletion is a major cause of aging. Despite the medical establishment’s recent stance against hormone replacement therapy, there are major benefits derived from the careful prescribing of bioidentical hormones.

Highly publicized adverse effects of hormone replacement relate to the use of synthetic, or non-bioidentical, formulations given via suboptimal routes of administration.

Dr. Mavrick Lobe utilizes the following hormones:
  • Testosterone
  • DHEA
  • Thyroid hormone
Testosterone replacement maintains bone density, increases libido, raises the blood count, and increases muscle strength and athletic performance. It is usually taken as a transdermal preparation or as an injection into the buttocks every 1-2 weeks.

DHEA is a testosterone-related hormone that declines with age. Levels decline further in people on steroids, or in patients with compromised immune systems. DHEA increases libido, supports bone density, controls blood sugar, supports immune function and prevents depression. It is often taken as an oral supplement. It is usually avoided in circumstances of prostate cancer.

Thyroid Hormone
Thyroid hormone levels are often low in both men and women. The thyroid gland is frequently involved in autoimmune processes, and is very sensitive to environmental toxins and to radiation. Dr. Lobe provides thyroid in oral formulations combining T3 and T4, usually using the TSH level to guide the dosage. Iodine deficiency is frequently present in patients with low thyroid. This can be diagnosed through a urine test to measure excretion of a known iodine dose.